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Holy fucking shit , dude. This is some epiclly fantastic animation. The acting is so fluid. AND this is my FAVORITE Vinesauce bit, when I first heard it I almost shitmyself laughing, crying, shaking I almost felt sick from laughing so hard. You've captured the moment beautifully.

You are a god amongst men.

Go animate: A boner-inducing Past life experience

This whole "go animate" thing is beyond strange. I feel like it's 10 or so years behind the flash curve-- and it's playing off the whole "crack addiction" nature of sites/coin and level based games-- like Neopets or WoW-- except 'animation' is the trade off? What a weird concept. That's like getting a bunch of people in your accounting office to have a weekly get-together to see who can make the best power point presentation; With the winner receiving a blow job, a pat on the back, and a quart of sugar to huff..

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Love this! Love the different weapons each character has, a fun take on a classic mechanic. Definitely has that "old school Pico feel. Nice job!

As an animator who wastes a lot of time doing stupid shit that has nothing to do with my profession, I FUCKING LOVE THIS. I wish there were more "leisurely" game-type toys for people like me... I get to stretch my lipsync muscles for 20 minutes and get back to what I was doing. Seriously keeps me thinking this way (and I LOVE the text edit system). REALLY fun and I get to make something entertaining and fun without having to put hours of work into making all the assets. I LOVE IT guys!

Fuck yes.

This has to be one of the most engaging, entertainingly awesome things I've ever come across on the web. Makes you think-- how such a handful of people can make something fucking beautiful. The music? Delicious. Best I've ever heard on a flash game. Gameplay? A bit muddy-- but the game seems to be self aware of that.

And I cannot help but stare in dubiousness-- how little instruction you guys give the player, yet how wonderful your concepts comes across.

What I learned from all this? You most certainly DON'T FAIL. The best of praise to you guys-- you've got a new (semi jealous) fan.

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Fuck yes.

Courage the fucking Cowardly dog.


Hot stuff, sir. Very hot stuff.


You're a fucking star, kid. This isn't me attempting to be witty, sarcastic, or assholish. I seriously haven't laughed so hard at anything in my entire life.

You're great. Please, PLEASE keep it up.

karlkoolkid1999b responds:

im the best

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LOW POLY BOOBIES aren't just for Laura Croft anymore!

crashadams responds:

Indeed, she's upgraded to HD...

I LOVE DIS. Well done.


If this was a fucking co-I mean, snow globe I'd buy it so fucking hard. I'd literally punch through my computer screen with a fistful of cash while screaming, "TAKE IT! TAKE IT!".

One can only dream.

Why shrek is piss?

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