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Holy fucking shit , dude. This is some epiclly fantastic animation. The acting is so fluid. AND this is my FAVORITE Vinesauce bit, when I first heard it I almost shitmyself laughing, crying, shaking I almost felt sick from laughing so hard. You've captured the moment beautifully.

Go animate: A boner-inducing Past life experience

This whole "go animate" thing is beyond strange. I feel like it's 10 or so years behind the flash curve-- and it's playing off the whole "crack addiction" nature of sites/coin and level based games-- like Neopets or WoW-- except 'animation' is the trade off? What a weird concept. That's like getting a bunch of people in your accounting office to have a weekly get-together to see who can make the best power point presentation; With the winner receiving a blow job, a pat on the back, and a quart of sugar to huff..

Fuckin' A

This is the best flash animation I've seen in a very long-ass time. You're the man. Along with the very-talented wo-man. Your commitment to this project-- and the various changes in style, pace, storytelling and pizzaz-- It's all so solid, beautiful. Way to hustle. Honestly I have now idea how I oculd have ever skipped over this one. And if I could, I'd give an 11.

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Love this! Love the different weapons each character has, a fun take on a classic mechanic. Definitely has that "old school Pico feel. Nice job!

As an animator who wastes a lot of time doing stupid shit that has nothing to do with my profession, I FUCKING LOVE THIS. I wish there were more "leisurely" game-type toys for people like me... I get to stretch my lipsync muscles for 20 minutes and get back to what I was doing. Seriously keeps me thinking this way (and I LOVE the text edit system). REALLY fun and I get to make something entertaining and fun without having to put hours of work into making all the assets. I LOVE IT guys!

Neat. But--

What you guys were artistically able to shuffle out is very impressive. Great interpetation of your sentence, and the art style (wazzup fungasm? how's it hangin'?) is oh so nice. Here's what I think the game suffers most from, for future reference and conceptual improvements (if you're ever planning on it).

Your choice of shapes to represent the arrow keys was a bit confusing on a very basic level. A common game mechanic we all know of is Up symbol means up, right symbol means right, so on and so forth. The up and down buttons in this game were well placed as 'up' and 'down' shaped symbols-- but as soon as I got to level 3, which symbols represented left and right became a bit fuzzy in my mind. (Uuuh which one's left again? Oh shit I meant right..FUUCK) I'll admit this obviously adds some challenge-- but it's a bit punishing to have two symbols that are very clear, and two others that are not so clear. If anything, make ALL the symbols something you have to remember.

Second, the up down left right mechanic makes less sense if it is not represented to me on screen. The fact that the character jumps over all obstacles, no matter what button you press-- kinda pains me a bit to see my life decrease even though I'm clearly jumping over them every time. If anything, just relate the symbols to a straight line of keys on the keyboard-- When you see $ =click, Q, &=W, %=E, *=R. That way, I won't be so dumbfounded when my character trips/falls. It's not because I didn't jump over the obstacle, but it's because I didn't click the correct key.

Correct me if I'm wrong-- was there abit of inspiration from Vib-Ribbon? I feel like that game is a great example of how your character animations have to relate to the obstacles you're jumping/running through, etc. Maybe if you were to ever work on this again, make obstacles that make a bit more sense (IE, a tree branch you have to duck over with the down button, a rock you have to jump over with up, 2 trees you have to dodge with either left or right). Makes the gameplay all the more satisfying.

Again, great jorb guys-- a fine and dandyly solid game you've made.

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Fuck yes.

Courage the fucking Cowardly dog.


Hot stuff, sir. Very hot stuff.


You're a fucking star, kid. This isn't me attempting to be witty, sarcastic, or assholish. I seriously haven't laughed so hard at anything in my entire life.

You're great. Please, PLEASE keep it up.

karlkoolkid1999b responds:

im the best

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SO COOL! I wuv you. :3

LOW POLY BOOBIES aren't just for Laura Croft anymore!

crashadams responds:

Indeed, she's upgraded to HD...

I LOVE DIS. Well done.

Why shrek is piss?

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