2013-01-15 19:16:52 by Nicol3

I'm back ferm da dead. WHAT'S UP?


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2013-01-15 19:27:22


Nicol3 responds:



2013-04-12 13:38:55

The sky is pretty up there.

Nicol3 responds:

...Mother of god...


2013-04-13 11:41:04

You've been gone since the '12 redesign... lost all my faves during the transition.
So, what's you been doing the past 2 years?

Nicol3 responds:

Not much. Grad'd school.. trying to get my name out there. It's tough. But it helps to keep your chin up and work/make fun stuff through it all.


2013-04-13 17:38:30

Best way to get work is to find it locally: restaurants, flower shops, old peoples homes, hospitals, amusement centers. Bring your portfolio, and offer to create murals, chalkboard art, menu graphics. Then when folks see your public work, they might contact you for private work.


2013-04-13 17:59:07

She raised ... Nostalgia \o/


2013-05-04 15:51:23



2013-06-30 22:23:05

Sorry about the crappy review, I know what it's like to have groovy software :) so I gave you a higher score in the vote... Submitting something during the weekend, takes a while to clear Judgement :\

Nicol3 responds:

Don't worry about it. Your critique is very solid. I have a bad habit of not timing stuff out and giving holds their appropriate 4-8 frame count to register. It was made in very little time (an hour and a half for animation, around 3 hrs for post, sound and rendering) and I actually plan on submitting something VERY soon that has a lot more of a story. Thanks for putting your eyeballs on it though, I really appreciate it. Its hard enough getting anyone to look at my stuff if not at all.


2013-09-02 03:20:17

Oh, whoa, it's been a while... ahving fun yet? Hey, the voting system got tweaked, and it's back to how it was 10 years ago. The UJ phase of submitting is well under 20 hours :)